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Monica has been a loan consultant for over 10 years. Before forming International Financial Solutions, as a correspondent lender based in Miami, Monica spent many years with Bank of America, Home Saving and Loan and Capital Mortgage. Monica specializes in foreign nationals and jumbo loans.
While working with Monica you will feel the comfort and security knowing that you are dealing with a legacy of knowledge. Monica has created a team of professionals that is ready to help you with your financing needs.



As a Financial Consultant and Mortgage Specialist, Mr. Pentenero seeks out different financing sources for commercial and residential loans for both domestic and international clients. He designs business proposals for real estate investments, to vertically integrate the different IFS business units and expands lending strategies to successfully position himself in different niches in current undeveloped markets.


Mr. Pentenero has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and has extensive experience in Finance and Accounting. He has held positions in the finance departments of PRICE WATERHOUSECOOPERS, The Walt Disney Company, Lennar Corporation, France Telecom, and DirecTV. Based on his background and experience he understands client’s financial requirements, providing them with an exceptional financing solution.


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